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Home Maintenance & Safety Inspections Protocol cannot be ignored, it is necessary to periodically check and keep up with the systems and equipment in your home so that it serves you well for many years to come.

However, home maintenance is a challenge for many people. Some homeowners simply have no interest in the “due diligence” required of home ownership, whiles others lack in time or ability to navigate their roofs or attics. As people age or become ill the upkeep of the home tends to fall by the wayside. A lack of attention to home maintenance not only adds to the decline in value of your home, it also runs the risk of creating safety issues and the damaging effects of years of neglect.

What may have been a minor, but ignored problem, can turn into a major repair job. Further, many of the injuries to people in their homes result from hazards that are easy to fix, but are also easy to overlook. By spotting these hazards and taking some simple steps to correct them, many injuries might be prevented. The low cost of a home safety and maintenance inspection is very small relative to the cost of injuries or potential problems that maybe hidden within your home.

Applied Ethics Home Inspection LLC believes that a Maintenance & Safety Home Inspection helps the homeowner have peace of mind, that their home is being maintained and is in good condition. Maintenance costs are kept down and the home value is kept up by finding and alerting the homeowner about necessary maintenance and safety issues. A Home Maintenance & Safety Inspection also helps to determine what really needs to be repaired versus what a contractor may recommend.

During a Home Maintenance & Safety Inspection, our trained inspectors closely check the following areas in your home:

• Roof and Attic Deficiencies
• Moisture Intrusion
• Electrical and Fire issues
• Furnace and Chimney dangers
• Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detector
• Plumbing Leaks
• Improper hot water temperature
• Potential Trip and Fall hazards
• Defective stairs and rails

Why inspect your home for safety?
– Ideal for seniors living on their own
– Convenient for busy homeowners
– Necessary for homeowners not comfortable with home operations