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Perry Brown, Inspector, has trained with the best… Perry always had a passion for woodworking; his father was also a tradesman carpenter, it’s in his DNA, so he decided his next step would be fine woodworking (cabinetry). Perry feels fortunate to have had train with a associate & friend, a true master craftsmen who taught  him the fine art of architectural wood working. With years of being a property owner coupled with Property Management, Construction, HVAC, Quality Control, experience and after seeing firsthand what some builder’s have neglected to do properly… Perry realized the importance of a home inspection.

One of Perry’s motto is “it’s not where you live it’s how you live” After a lot of long nights and hard work, Perry received his State of Illinois Home Inspector License, and his Entity License. Applied Ethics, Home Inspections , LLC, (Trade Mark) has developed into an up and coming and respected home inspection company, on and off the field, serving Chicago Illinois & Metro Area.

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Perry promotes a high standard of professionalism, business ethics and inspection procedures. He follows  the “Code of Ethics” of the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI) “Standards of Practice”. For the State of Illinois, most of Perry’s business comes from past client referrals, friends & family, and the internet. He does not rely totally on realtors or any other business for leads. Unlike most inspectors, Perry does not pay to be on a realtor “preferred” vendor list. Being on this list would be a conflict of interest for you, the client. He does not need to worry about upsetting a realtor (because there is a sense of mutual respect) with a tough report. A lot of agents do refer clients to Perry because they know he is thorough, picky and takes his time to explain his findings and how to maintain your home. A true professional would want the very best for their client. Perry enjoys being a home inspector and sharing his knowledge with his clients. From the first contact with him, through the inspection delivery and explanation of your report, you will experience the ultimate in professionalism. Perry is very passionate about his job.